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As parents, we know what type of school experience our children need. Thankfully, TRG gives us options.

Parents Seek Best Schools to Give Children Best Futures

The Romine Group manages charter public schools that excel in the basics, plus more

Parents choose charter public schools managed by The Romine Group (TRG) because they’re looking for something more for their children. Typically, parents seek:

  • More individualized attention to help their children excel.
  • Strong values and character as part of the school culture.
  • Energized, highly engaged teachers dedicated to the success of each student.
  • Excellence in the basics, plus programs in arts and technology, for example.
  • Collaboration between families and the school.
  • Continually updated curriculum and lessons relevant to today’s world.

Each TRG school is independently and locally operated, designed to meet the unique needs of the community.

The Romine Group has supported the startup and operation of more than two dozen charter public schools since 1996.

TRG currently is supporting a half dozen schools in development across the nation, as well as managing four existing schools.

You make the choice to give your child the best education possible. We're here to work with you.

What To Expect

Choosing a School is One of the Biggest Decisions a Parent Will Make

TRG charter public schools excel in the basics … plus arts education, technology instruction, character development, etc.

When parents choose a charter public school managed by The Romine Group, they’re working hard to give their children the best possible education. They’re going above and beyond to pave the way to the best possible future.

By choosing a TRG school, parents can expect:

  • A strong partnership between parents and educators, on behalf of each child;
  • An unwavering commitment to academic excellence in the basics and beyond;
  • A school culture built on strong values, including respect, honesty and integrity;
  • Educators who are constantly improving their lessons, passionate about students, and committed to achievement; and
  • A hands-on, rich educational experience that often includes more hours of instruction than in other schools and frequent homework that builds skills, with support needed from parents, especially in the elementary grades.

Education is a life-long journey. It’s a joint effort between home and school.  A high-quality education is something every child, in every community, deserves to experience. Choose your child’s school wisely.  Visit several options, if possible. Talk with school leaders, teachers and parents of current students.  You’ll be amazed by what you learn.